since my experience with a learning course in java with real fun about the language seems the time run down to be, never enough to meet live with the real scene under four or more eyes and mouthes, but for your, enjoy with the program, its a viewer for resources in the net and a interpreter for aliases how,
- more inside the help part of the portable-program. Required is only a installed java-execution-environment up to java 1.6.

Download the english version of program

In deutscher Sprache

"Ip-address to alias" Java-elementar-class
to check the founding usage from Java-Application Looking against is matching

Two APIĀ“s of Relational-Operators (java 1.4 compared with java 1.6) the defined returns are neither in vers.1.4 (return vocal handled for executive code) (in german language)

relation in the evolution of

In deutscher Sprache